Participants of SwampFire include the
"SwampFire Thing" that Mallory Gee
spied on during the second retreat.
Here's her drawing of it, as seen
out of the corner of her eye.
Mallory Gee drawing

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Mallory Gee drawing Mallory Gee drawing Mallory Gee drawing Mallory Gee drawing Mallory Gee drawing


Rachel Baker
Poet, creative writing workshop mentor



Dawn Burns
Fiction writer, SwampFire founder




Geromina (Jerri) Courtney
Creative nonfiction writer, blogger



Jennifer Creighton
Studio mate at 4 Corners Gallery




Kevin Dillinger
Fiction writer, graduate student



Andrea England
Poet, literary critic




Eva English
Creative nonfiction writer



Alex Friedman
Visual artist, creative writer




Mey (M.D.) Hasbrook
Visual artist, creative writer



Mary Catherine Harper
Poet, co-organizer of SwampFire




Marian Plant
Poet, creative nonfiction writer



Steve Smith
Potter, owner of 4 Corners Gallery



Mallory Gee drawing


Pages for SwampFire Retreat participants continue to be developed.


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