SwampFire Retreat for Artists and Writers


Creativity at Steve Smith's 4 Corners Gallery

Photos of the 2013 bowl-painting session of June 15, in which participants used feathers and brushes to paint resist onto pots thrown by Rebecca Graves and already fired with terrasigulata glaze in Smith's main kiln.

Rebecca Graves watches as Steve Smith demonstrates the technique


Alex Friedman and Rachel Baker listen to explanation of resist technique


Rebecca Graves paints, Jennifer Creighton contemplates


Dawn Comer reflects on the process of painting words on already-fired pot


Melissa Hasbrook gets the feel of a feather in her hand


Steve Smith and Rebecca Graves stoke the kiln


Just waiting for the kiln to get hot enough to refire the pots


But waiting isn't that hard


Pots wait patiently to be smoked in the kiln


Smith inserts the last of the pots, then he'll add green leaves for smoky soot


Sunday morning, time to read poetry, fiction, reflections on art


Just listen to the sound of clay thrown into words

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