SwampFire Retreat for Artists and Writers


Mey (M.D.) Hasbrook

Mey (Melissa Dey) Hasbrook is an interdisciplinary artist whose first love is poetry. She envisions and carries out community-arts collaborations in Michigan communities of Lansing and Kalamazoo, and most recently Peru. Her programs and select poems are shared on her web site . . .

dey of the phoenix.com

Mey's SwampFire 2012 poem, inspired by conversation with fellow artists:

i want to dance with you
her words cut free
our temporary link

she resurrected
a cousin lost young
to cancer

wielding his memory
a shield
from her fears

from my words
of loss
memorializing trees

soon to die
and those already

i want to dance
she formed
a sword

to ward off pain
and the uneasy

built by a drum
as i beat

and she tied
loose ribbons
around the may pole


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