SwampFire Retreat for Artists and Writers


Kevin Dillinger

SwampFire 2014 was Kevin's second time at the retreat. He is now an alum of Defiance College and is headed to graduate school in the fall.

. . . His thoughts on the SwampFire experience . . .

Swampfire is an interesting place where creative thoughts seem to be birthed into the world. Something about the simple and peaceful atmosphere, teamed with benevolent inhabitants, grants those who stay the power to channel worldly issues into concentrated thoughts that flow onto pages of poems and stories. It is a place that makes me realize there is a place in this world always waiting for people like me. As Steve Smith told me, people like us are strange to the world, but that doesn't mean we any less than they are. Our passions drive us to create in our own ways, whether it be with poetry, story writing, or magnificent crafts from clay. And it is with these creations we inspire one another to create even more. Thanks for having me, and I hope I can continue to be part of this event for years to come.

A productive time at SwampFire 2014

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